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  • Your Daily Coffee Shot

    Wednesday 03-19-14 Inigo Montoya Decaf Haiku: The six-fingered man. He tortured me with Decaf. Inconceivable! YDCS: photo credit: Chi_Coffee_Guy #PrincessBride #InigoMontoya #Inconceivable #Decaf #Haiku

  • Elyse Smith

    Inigo Montoya love Princess Bride and CFA. YES.

  • Brittany Peterson

    10 Words That You’ve Probably Been Misusing.... Funny and I really enjoy the reference to Princess Bride.

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British short hair cinnamon kitten. I WANT ONE.


Just had a conversation about this. If we all live to be over a hundred, we'll have lived in three centuries.

Pretty much me. Same with shows too.

To travel.

My life.

Yes, I've done this to many a character...

'Erry day.

I'm going for 5K because of reasons.


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So true.

COLLEGE: GUYS TALLER THEN 5'10!!! DATE THEM ALL!!!! - All The Things | What Do U Meme----- me: I just want one taller than 6'2"

Hullo future self.

I feel this all the time.

This really bugs me...

Heh heh.

Yeah. Really.