Crochet necklace - one of the prettiest pieces if crochet jewelry I've seen. I would actually wear this!


How To Crochet With Beads

The one at the top is nice too...

turquoise crochet necklace


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{how to} crochet pearl necklace

Simple crochet necklace with circles

raw turquoise

felted necklace


crochet necklace

diy crochet necklace

Beautiful necklace collar. Website is international, so you would need to be able to translate,but it's so pretty


Beautiful Crochet Jewelry!

crochet beads necklace

Ethnic Style Asian necklace - turquoise crochet necklace

randi chervitz hand-crafted fine silver necklace with freshwater pearls - Divinemoira Studio

I'm getting overwhelmed with ideas. So pretty!