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Perhaps one the best known photos of Frizzle Polish chickens #photography

"Polish Frizzle" chickens - A "Frizzle" is a chicken with feathers that curl outward, rather than lying flat like most chickens. Rather than being a separate breed, any chicken can have a frizzled appearance.

Is This Not the Best Chicken You've Ever Seen? (Her Name Is Izzy-Belle.)

Is This Not the Best Chicken You've Ever Seen? (Her Name Is Izzy-Belle.)

Frizzle Polish chickens... I love chickens!  You wonder, with all those feathers, how on earth can they see anything!? But believe you, me! They have fantastic eyesight!! And they have great personalities too!

Italian chicken breeds: Padovana Riccia, Italian Polish frizzle, origin and main characteristics, morphology, standard

Hanging treat..Cold weather means a shortage of weeds and bugs for your chickens to scratch for. Bored chickens can be prone to pecking and bullying each other. This easy to make Seed Treat Block will keep your chickens happy and busy, as well as provide them with some warming grains and other ingredients to help them through the cold weather.

Homemade Flock Seed Block - A Warming Winter Treat to Beat Boredom - Fresh Eggs Daily Blog - GRIT Magazine

homemade flock blocks for chickens

DIY Homemade Flock Blocks For Chickens

Sebright Bantams

Sebright Bantams

Hi! Can anyone help me sex my silkie chickens?

Silkie chickens, the best (and cutest!) breed to be kept as pets. They don't need a high fence; they have the sweetest temperament, love to sit on your lap, and are wonderful with kids.

Fiquei encantada!!!

Very rare in N.They are mostly a show breed, but are okay white egg layers. It is a light chicken.

Great tips for raising chickens in your backyard!

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Great tips for raising chickens in your backyard! Well if Brownie is an Ameraucana we will get many eggs!

donde se meteria mi amorcito lo llamo y no  viene......

~♥~ too adorable not to pin ~♥~ Impressive rooster. Perfect in French country garden.