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  • T Lady

    best friends until we're crazy old ladies! :) @Grace Bryant

  • Beverly Z

    This is SO me and my best friend 30 years from now... LOL

  • Lauren Butner

    young at heart, always a little crazy

  • Heather Cobel

    sisters sisters sisters Which one will be me in 40 years? LOL

  • Catherine Bjerke

    Me when Im 80, go girl!!

  • Sarah Haug-Smith

    me & my best friend like 40 years from now

  • Karen B

    I wish to one day have my best friend next to me in my old age so I can act crazy too :)

  • Shirley McKenzie

    Me and my bestfriend when we're old (:. When I was young, my best friend, Susan, and I were at the mall. Two older ladies walked by: One tall with ENORMOUS bosoms, glasses and grey hair. The other short, skinny, and obviously dyed red hair. We looked at each other with complete understanding and burst out laughing. That was so us. When Susan was dying a couple years ago, we talked about the memories we shared. Our 'future' at the mall was one of those. How we laughed. Miss you friend.

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But we it will be mine first. Its already happening

This reminds me of you @velma townley

81 year old Rita : "I have over 70 pairs of glasses and I wear a different pair everyday.

Future me at the gym...except instead of a martini, it'll be vodka, rocks in a water bottle...cus im a classy bitch like that..

This applies to all the special friends and sister's in my life! You are loved and appreciated!!

I would do this...I am always leaving stuff on the back burner which gets hot if the oven is on. I left the diaper bag, milk, etc...i generally catch it before its too bad though haha.

A Pinterest Story: My sister came over and saw that I was on Pinterest again. She said, "Hey, seriously. You're on Pinterest a lot." Then she said, "When was the last time you dusted in here?" That hurt my feelings. So I unpinned her cake pops.

BAHAHAHA!!! And I love that it's her mom!!!! This would pretty much be my relationship with my momma.

Anna Totten Sulja-Pucovsky Maria Canavello Mrasek Stefan Liz Mester Ardeljan love you ladies ♥

Obligatory first re-pin, dedicated to anyone with an arachnophobic spouse or family member ;-)