Eyes & Nebulas


whoa. I want to be here.

"We're all connected. We just don't see it. There isn't an 'out there' and an 'in here.' Everything in the Universe is connected. It is just one energy field." -John Assaraf, quote, motivation, inspiration, success, life

Lagoon Nebula

Tulip Nebula....incredible!

We are all made from stardust and are connected to everything including the Universe. And just think of the amazing power that's out there!!

Just something God made. (Hubble | Eagle Nebula)

The red string of fate is a Chinese & Japanese legend of a magical connection between two people that are destined to be soul mates. The two people connected by the red string are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmates.

Those Eyes

The Universe And Your Place In It

Soulmate, soul connection, soulful living; what some of us require to be fully authentic. www.julielichty.com

The more connections you and your lover make, the better! If you love it, re-pin it. <3 » I Love My LSI

Interesting idea taking this image and adding words of worth flowing from God's hand to a woman's, maybe having the woman's hand have a ring or bracelet.

eye glass!

"Heart to heart conversations are the best to me. Everyone's vulnerable. Vulnerability attracts honesty, honesty attracts soul connections.

The architecture of GOD. The universe is created by a consciousness which manifests in physical reality through a blueprint that we call Sacred Geometry which repeats over and over giving the illusion of linear time. -Thoth


- Pablo Picasso -

Black Hole

Cat's Eye Nebula