cy twombly

Cy Twombly, Untitled, Oil based house paint and wax crayon on canvas, 52 x 52 inches, Cy Twombly. Photography by Robert McKeever. Collection of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Cy Twombly can make a cacophony with the various thicknesses and agitation in his line.

Twombly, Cy Tiznit 1953 White lead, house paint, crayon, and pencil on canvas 53 x 2 x cm)

Cy Twombly

Leda and the Swan , Cy Twombly, 1962 (oil, pencil and crayon on canvas 190 x 200 cm)

AMERICAN PAINTER CY TWOMBLY         AMERICAN PAINTER CY TWOMBLY   In 1962 Cy Twombly (born 1928 in Lexington, Virginia) painted a wo...

CY TWOMBLY (born 1928 in Lexington, Virginia) Quattro Stagioni: Estate Acrylic and pencil on canvas 3241 x 2250 x

Isola di Rifiuti: Stray Notes (Cy Twombly, John Berger, &c.)

Isola di Rifiuti: Stray Notes (Cy Twombly, John Berger, &c.

topcat77:  Cy Twombly  American artist, b. 1928 “Untitled Study (#1)“2004  Oil and acrylic on paper

Cy Twombly, American artist, b. 1928 “Untitled Study ( 2004 Oil and acrylic on paper


Cy Twombly Dies at 83