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*bursts out laughing then turns to ugly sobs*

Men jokes.

You ask him nicely. Of course

XD #tumblr

Gif - makes me laugh every time!

Cute black lab puppy

Chill Hazel

The Most Profound Things Ever Pondered In The Shower

I miss this show!

I laughed for an embarrassingly long time at this. CP

Happy Bird Face

Even if your cha cha slide is more of a ha ha slide. | 11 Dance Moves That Went Terribly Wrong

I laughed SO HARD! Love it!

i laughed so hard I almost cried

Mexican word of the day: JULY ... I laughed so hard at this

The fault in our stars Haha what the book cover should really read

Laughed way too hard

Haha, I laughed too hard...

Harry potter tumblr. The last one! Hahaha

:)) 'Today, while sitting in my college english class, I texted my boyfriend and told him that I was bored. Not even 5 minutes later he came bursting in the door yelling "Troll in the dungeon!!!...just thought you oughta know" and then collapsed on the floor just like in harry potter. Not only was the teacher laughing so hard he let us go early but i think i found the one.' - that's awesome!!!

When you hear your jam.

tampons that vibrate