• sheof108names

    Néstor Martín Fernández de la Torre - Poema del Atlántico. La Noche. 1917-1918

  • Paola Jauffred

    La noche, "Poema Atlántico". Nestor Martín Fernandez de la Torre.

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This is how "Real Bert" would look. I'm scared. I am going to have a nightmare.

I like that it's in a portrait. Hmmm.....wheels are turning now

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OMG, I've seen this pic before only with the black ink. Now that I've seen it with the pink, I love it even more.


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rainbow reflection tattoo! Unique like nothing i've ever seen before. i'm highly obsessed

Watercolor stag would make a beautiful tattoo

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I want this but with different flowers

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