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Use confidence to overcome criticism. If you think about it, most critics are "armchair critics"... people who never get out of their comfort zone to do anything (puts it all perspective doesn't it?!) Keep living and achieving!

If you have low self-esteem, harness the power of your own thoughts and beliefs to change how you feel about yourself. MayoClinic's 4 steps to feel better about yourself.

My children. Blessed by my baby, always smiling at me...deep down I think even my teen does, lol. That's what I'm holding onto anyway! ;)

Amen to this. Isolated I go into this world! I'm finally getting used to it at least.

That plaguing, mind driving question...Why? Sorta goes with "move with a purpose."

getting better at saying this with my internal voice, not my outloud voice.

"I have a great need to busy myself with quietude." ~ Rupert Brooke