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Breaking Ranks? | Breitbart’s William Bigelow has an odd article for a magazine that often leans somewhat Libertarian. In his article TX Dems Move to Legalize Pot, he chides the Texas lawmakers for wanting to decriminalize the plant. I don’t really care about his article, it is a waste of time but what I liked were the comments, so far the majority of them were on the side of the Democrats. | Weedist


Epilepsy’s Big Fat Miracle

The Ketogenic Diet: Epilepsy's Hope


Tyler Cowen’s 10 Reasons Texas Is Our Future

10 Reasons Texas Is Our Future - Cover of TIME Magazine - It's big. It's hot. It's cheap. And, according to Tyler Cowen, it's where America's 'New Cowboys' are blazing a path for the nation to follow

Texas- High hopes for marijuana reform … via @mySA #Tx #marijuana #cannabis #thc #cbd #Texas

Willie Nelson Says We Must Occupy Our Food Supply - When our food is at risk we are all at risk! Willie and co-author Anna Lappe write at Huffington Post

No-High Marijuana plant cultivated with health benefits. Same taste, shape, smell....

Medical Marijuana All But Eliminates Seizures in TX 9-yr old Girl | Whaxy | "Daily seizures prevented 9-yr old Alexis Borell frm doing many of the things she loved, like riding bicycles. The young girl from TX said she would spend all day in bed. After a terrifying episode in Feb, in which her parents feared f/her life, the family decided to move to CO where Alexis could legally use med marijuana." Click to read and share the full article.

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Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy

Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy February 27, 2006 Medical College of Georgia Summary: A compound found in marijuana won't make you high but it may help keep your eyes healthy if you're a diabetic, researchers say. Early studies indicate cannabidiol works as a consummate multi-tasker to protect the eye from growing a plethora of leaky blood vessels, the hallmark of diabetic retinopathy, says Dr. Gregory I. Liou, molecular biologist at the Medical College of Georgia.

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High interest in whether Texas legalizes pot

Dean Becker w/ Drug Truth, Houston: With recreational use of pot now legal in CO and WA - and public opinion polls showing growing nationwide support for such measures - speculation is rampant that even in law-and-order TX, it is not a question of if, but when, legalization will happen. The goal is to unite wealthy potential investors w/ a host of marijuana-related companies doing legal business in various parts of the US, organizers say. TX has to take a slower road to marijuana…

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MME on

#Texas Pro-marijuana advocates plant seeds for next session … #marijuana #cannabis #tx @tedcruz

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'He was found with blood and fur all over him': US man on synthetic marijuana chases neighbour while growling before 'strangling and EATING dog' in new zombie-like attack

22 yr old eats family dog, begs cops to end his synthetic high. Waco, TX

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Marijuana fights Alzheimer’s disease, new study indicates

Another study is adding evidence to the case for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease with the compounds in cannabis. Research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease this September “strongly suggest that THC [the main active ingredient in marijuana] could be a poten

Autoimmune Diseases Could be Treated With Medical Marijuana … #MME #Cannabis #Cbd #thc

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How medical marijuana could literally save lives

How medical marijuana could literally save lives - The Washington Post

Medical #Marijuana in #Texas: 'The wind is shifting' … via @HoustonChron #Tx #cannabis