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It's your duty to visit the library by Phil Bradley, via Flickr

Its Your Duty Lad Join To-Day, original Parliamentary Recruiting Committee poster No 109 printed by David Allen & Sons Ltd August 1915

I've got to get to the library. I don't care how much snow there is!

When I was pregnant w/ my first, I walked to the library in a snowstorm. It's a walk

Aurora, in an ill fitting wig, undercover in Cincinatti. It was an unfortunate misunderstanding.... She was not amused.

Mug shot. Vintage mugshots of women are now my new favorite thing to pin.

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I say this in my head whenever people ask me what I want to go to grad school for and I respond with library sciences/archival studies.

Library warning poster | by Phil Bradley

Library warning: "You are about to enter a library. This is one of the most dangerous places you will ever visit. Prepare to question, think, and challenge. Enjoy your visit.

Anne of Cleves. Henry VIII 4th wife. Henry VIII remained single for over two years after Jane Seymour's death. Henry decided to have a contract drawn up for his marriage to Anne in order to gain an ally in the reformation of the church. Although the King of France and the Emperor had gone back to their usual state of animosity, Henry proceeded with the match. The marriage took place on January 6, 1540. Henry did not find his new bride attractive and had the marriage annulled.

Anne of Cleves - Holbein - Wife number four for Henry VIII, Anne of Cleves is shown wearing German dress. She was lucky enough to alienate Henry before marriage so he .

A trained librarian is a powerful search engine with a heart – lovely poster by Sarah McIntyre, adding to the history of visual love for libraries. (↬ libraryjournal) nice word to librarian

apush memes - Google Search

Research: The credible hulk ~ Need help with research? Schedule an appointment with one of the reference librarians

Banned books fuel a lot of my anger. If you dot approve of the book, just don't read it. I get it in some cases, but still. Banning books is taking someone's life work or something they worked really hard and saying "Lol nope"

Banned book characters (Created by Rachel Moani of the Lacey Timberland Library in Washington)

Richard Sackville 3rd Earl of Dorset c1613 William Larkin

Just like a bird that has swallowed a plate?

Richard Sackville, Earl of Dorset, attributed to William Larkin, 1613 England, Kenwood House I just really like his shoes and stockings.