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Punk Hobos and Hippie Squatters - Mike Brody photo.


Bums like these used to scare me, until I became one. Then they became my good friends.

Homeless in Shanghai, China

Photos of young hitchhikers and freight train hoppers by Mike Brodie | HYPENOTICE.COM who says you can't be a gypsy with kids...

Homeless man in Tokyo


This is my favorite type of photography mainly just because of the nature of it. I hope to do projects like this in the future...

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Since When Is Being Homeless A Crime? Well, and in some states and localities, it is. The government needs to create public service jobs and fund the demand for private sector jobs, and then raise the minimum wage to be a "Living" wage, then homelessness will go away, dignity will be restored, and poverty will be eliminated !! #homeless #homelessness #facts #beatthestreets

images homeless people - Google Search


Homeless man with alot of his belongings.



I'm crying and ask the people in the world. .... WHY??? We send people the moon.We break record after record. But we can't help lost and homeless children? WE MUST SHAME OURSELVES ~ Maria B_v_G

Clean socks are like GOLD when you're homeless. "Freshies"

homeless people - Google Search

There are many reasons people become homeless, and the combination of factors that lead to homelessness are different for every individual.