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    Fort Collins, CO Delays Recreational Marijuana Shops | The city council of Fort Collins, Colorado approved a temporary ban on recreational marijuana shops on Tuesday. The ban will be revisited in November and February, and is effective until March 31, 2014.

    Tip for Buying Legal Weed in Colorado: Not All Strains Will Be Available at All Times | It’s been nearly two months of legal marijuana sales in Colorado and going strong! Here’s another quick tip from a professional marijuana sales clerk that spends 40+ hours a week servicing the customers who have been coming from (literally) all around the world to purchase some of the best marijuana in the world.

    Time: How Much Will a Legal Marijuana Habit Cost You? | If you’re an average marijuana smoker in Colorado—paying average prices for average-quality marijuana—you can expect to spend around $650 on weed next year. That’s estimating 3.5 ounces annually… I’m pretty sure our readers are anything but average!

    Chicago City Council Approves Marijuana Decriminalization | weedist

    #Colorado: February 2012: Top 10 Medical Marijuana Strains by Sales

    Brandon Coats is confined to a wheelchair and lost his job at Dish Network for testing positive for marijuana to treat his MS symptoms. He was fired on his day off. He is challenging the dismissal. The Colorado Court of Appeals must soon decide if it was legal for Dish Network to fire an employee who smoked medically prescribed marijuana while off duty.

    Top 5 Strains Available From Colorado Legal Marijuana Stores | There are some amazing strains you have never heard of that you can’t get in (insert wherever place you’re from that still has nothing but illegal drug dealers), so if you’re coming to Colorado wanting to score some legal weed then I urge you, as a professional budtender, to get out of your comfort zone.

    L.A. City Council Outlaws Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Ruins Major Perk of Living in Los Angeles | Weedist

    Everyone's all 'America is moving forward!' or 'The apocalypse is coming' and I'm just over here like 'Colorado legalized marijuana!!'

    Medical Marijuana vs Chemotherapy: Colorado Mom Opts For Cannabinoids Over Chemo

    Grand Rapids Decriminalization: No Spike in Cases | The city of Grand Rapids, Michigan decriminalized marijuana possession, effective May 1, 2013. One argument against the city’s decision was that it would lead to a rise in use. Police data from May 1 to July 22 of 2012 showed 259 marijuana cases. The same time frame this year showed 266. The biggest difference between those 2 numbers is the fact that of the 266, all but 22 were issued citations instead of criminal charges.

    CREPERIE AND LOGI (Crepes and Lodging) in Sweden

    Salt Lake City Rose

    Legalizing Cannabis in NYC Would Yield $431 Million Annually | The regulation and taxation of marijuana for New York City residents age 21 and over would yield an estimated $431 million in annual savings and revenue, according to a report released this week by the New York City Comptroller’s Office.

    Magic shop, Brighton

    The Caron shop in Paris

    Café - #Restauarnt , #Quimper ~ #Brittany | #Bretagne #France | #cafe

    new york city 1960s east 156th street vintage by christian montone

    The Garden Shop | London


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