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redditgifts exchange - Comics & Graphic Novels 2015

It was like receiving a mini comic book shop in the mail! Blasters Special DC 1989 MEGA MAN is back!

redditgifts exchange - Snack Exchange 2016

Simply amazing snack exchange filled with savory and sweet treats from Brighton, UK. My family and I enjoyed the goodies such as Fox's Chunkie Cookies, Pinba.

redditgifts exchange - Keychains 2015

Another awesome exchange! My Secret Santa sure surprised me with a Elder Scrolls V Skyrim keychain! Thank you so much, my spare truck key now has some epic l.

redditgifts exchange - Board Games 2015

Thanks to my Board Game Secret Santa I plan on doing just that! Received Pirates & Bounty Hunters Game Expansion and t.

Kickstarter unboxing - The Sav Comic Book

Congratulations to Javan Jordan, creator and successful kickstarter campaign of The Sav. A Native comic book!

redditgifts exchange - T-Shirt Exchange 2016 - McMurdo Station Antarctica!

This past T-Shirt exchange for 2016 I decided to stay within my country of origin, I norma.

redditgifts exchange - r/Boardgames - unboxing

Thank you, Secret Santa! Family Dinner, Box of Questions, and Exploding Kitties. Cannot wait to play Family Dinner g.

reddit gifts exchange - POSTCARD 2016

Love this exchange, especially how my Secret Santa picked postcards of their favorite local places.

redditgifts exchange - Secret Santa 2015

Amazing assortments of Steelers and Gamer Gear! I received two epic grid iron T-Shirts featuring the Steelers, a logo shirt and a awesome Heinz Ketchup T-Shi.

redditgifts exchange: "Hometown" 2015

Most excellent exchange, my Secret Santa happens to hail from Ireland! One of my bucket list dreams is to travel and visit Ireland.

redditgifts excahnge - Calendars 2015

Thank you Secret Santa! Received a 2016 Castle Calendar featuring some amazing castles of Europe. Including one of my dream vacation locations, Elian Donan C.

Loot Gaming - Rumble - Oct 2016

Pleasant surprise to what I thought was going to be a Horror theme based Gaming Crate. Not that would have been bad, but I was happy to see some Nintendo cla.

Unboxing Villains 2 Lootcrate Aug 2015

Tiss the time of month again, LOOTCRATE TIME and evil is afoot in the Nerdery. Villains 2 was not in abundance with items, but what items they had were AWESOME!

Arbitrary Day 2016!!!

Arbitrary Day Santa made it snow with POPCORN! Totally caught me off guard with this awesome gift.

First time teespring unboxing/review - The Templar Code

First time teespring unboxing/review - The Templar Code

Kickstarter - Strongholds: Fantasy Dice Citadels - Rewards unboxing

Kickstarter - Strongholds: Fantasy Dice Citadels - Rewards unboxing