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  • Ali Olhausen

    Words of wisdom.

  • Nicole Sprainger

    Wise words from the world's most famous sage!

  • Blanche Hayden

    You must find time for reading #books

  • Rachel Garman

    Find Time For Reading Quote

  • darci

    a. this is one of Confucius's quotes. The quote shows how Confucius really stressed the idea of studying as it says "you must find time for reading of surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance." b. The analects are a collections of Confucius ideas and sayings.

  • Audra Nelson

    True #quote

  • Melissa Staley

    I need to remember this and start making time to read!

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1:40 - Boyfriend asks me, I thought you were going to bed. Scrolling through Pinterest quotes and I accidentally click on this one. God answered the question - I read past my bedtime.

This is the MAGIC. Experience the magic of a good book. (Source: )

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." -Mark Twain

Twain . I realize now, that people who do not like to read, usually, are people who have a hard time reading, or have an attention deficit disorder. Something that should have been dealt with when the child was young...perhaps a brain-eye disconnect. Don't always blame the child, please. It isn't their fault.

I may have taken this quote a little too seriously

The book to read is not the one that thinks for you, but the one which makes you think. -Harper Lee

Yes! When I read I become part of book!

True. But I personally like to have all my favorite books with me all the time and not have to worry about dislocating my shoulder.

After I read a good book…

I need this to hang in my "library..."

I love to read. I would die if I didn't have books. That may sound fatuous, but books have been among my best friends since I was four. ~Sandra Bell Kirchman.

What I say when people tell me they wish they had time to read like I do. I have time to read because I don't watch much TV.