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Banahaaaaaa .. YIP - WE'll SEE ... Mental ABUSE and then burns the FARK outa my 2 year old and laughs !! GOOd LICK with that ..

yuh-huh! Really, don't write anything at all if you aren't willing to share 100% of what you wrote about. ANNOYING and egotistical!

I sometimes enjoy when people "unfriend" me on Facebook. It's like the garbage took itself out!!

Please, stop it. That photo you posted of yourself yesterday looks just like the one you posted of yourself yesterday. Stop it.

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You sure know your words…

You sure know your words… oh my goodness this is for all of the big shit talkers! I say haters gotta hate! Playa gotta play! Jealous!

You see I use to block my Haters on Facebook too. But I decided everyone should see how fabulous my life is. Even those who will never be a part of it.

like when I'm with my new surprise sister-in-law or my kid bro for the last year and a half

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EXCUSE ME, I'm a bitch on a mission. | "Sometimes I get road rage walking behind people in the grocery store." -Unknown