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Bodoni article- I love the flow of this article with the very text based imagery. It catches the eye right away with the flowing way that it is set up. The black and white creates a very simplistic tone but works great for this article- the white typography over the black still leaves you able to read the article but adds that right touch.

OMG style and contrast! one of the forms of working with type from when I still was inking anything design related.

This is so much more interesting than just a bold-faced "B." The task of taking something simple and making it intricate and artistic.

Poster by MARIN DSGN The contrast allows for the text to overlap. The focal point is the bird in the corner of the page.

Negative space, simplicity, and visual balance are used very well in this poster.

Love the black/white, oversized serif letters... very editorial // Vogue Espana, November 2011.

Giambattista Bodoni start designing typefaces and type layout. Characteristic of bodoni typeface is Narrower and more condence letter forms, makes lighter typographic style to show elegance. He's established rule: Type created through limited, identical units. He focus more on function and forms of letter. He creates 300 type faces. In 1880 Bodoni's manual type published.

Look how adorable this is! Who doesn't love dogs and a good Helvetica shout out?