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tiny house

PEX manifold for water supply

that is the way to have an above ground pool :)

bright sliding doors

We're all for anything that reduces the cost of installing radiant heating, and this plug-and-play unit does that significantly. The pumps are built right into it, saving you the expense of hiring a radiant-heating specialist to build a custom wall of connections. Saves space, too. Available in early 2015. | Warmsource, by @warmboard

small on-demand hot water heater rated for a tiny house on wheels. powerful enough to use for showers. If you are building a tiny house on wheels and you want running hot water this is the water heater to get.

Sliding marble backsplash to conceal storage

Painting a white door to look like wood. I should definately try this at the farm house. :)

EccoTemp Portable Tankless Water Heater - Camping World

Hidden House bathroom

automated home, smart home, smart lock, smart electronics, goji, nest thermostat, nest smoke detector

Bob Vila: Tankless Hot Water Heaters: Should I or Shouldn't I?

Love the floating shelf and wash basin sink. I would pair it with a simple and modern chrome faucet though...

Downspout rainwater runs through a filter then is collected for laundry, bathroom and garden use.

This small home in the Normandy area has at its heart a cast iron wood stove and kitchen. Light pours in from multiple windows to accentuate the elegant structures and proportions. | Tiny Homes

Combo washer/dryer. Compact appliances for all your tiny house needs!

Up to 70% Off on your LED color changing faucets. It changes the color of water depending on its temperature. Isn't it cool? Why not to get one for your home?