Old windows greenhouse!

I need one of these greenhouses made out of old windows

greenhouse from old windows

Greenhouses Made With Salvaged Windows

diy birdhouse

greenhouse made from old windows

Keep an Eye Out This girl was able to repurpose old windows she found from a school to build this haven. Keep your eye out for salvageable parts.

lean-to greenhouse

mini greenhouse made of salvaged windows, reader remodel contest 2013

old window greenhouse for porch

Two old arched windows hung in a outdoor porch structure....

Constructed from reclaimed doors, windows. Sweetness.

Vintage Window Greenhouse

Green house w old windows

salvage green house. omg love this! but id put a daybed in there for lounging and naps. yeah baby!

Made With Salvaged Windows

An elegant greenhouse made from old windows and bricks - I do like this.

5 Steps to a DIY, Private Greenhouse - things you should consider when planning your greenhouse and ideas for creating your DIY greenhouse.

South-facing angled glass can create too much heat in the summer - great spot to collect in panels. Winter sun is low in the sky, comes through low glass wall. North wall is larger. to get as much light as possible in winter and summer. #solar #greenhouse

more old window uses