study of a mermaid

My Mermaid =) --- Mermaid Watercolor Painting by MrsDgetsCrafty on Etsy

Where the ocean meets the sky, where the giant octopus lives and where pirates have buried their treasures. There might live the mermaid, that so many old sailors still talk about when the light of day passes and the liquor flows in the taverns.

beautiful fairy

A female mermaid/siren and a male harpy. "A bird may love a fish signore, but where would they live?"

Seated Mermaid, Forest Rogers

sweet posable pixie fairy fairie ooak by throughthemagicdoor


Amy Brown Blue Socks Fairy Print..def present for my daughter


Fairy Tree

WINTER ROSE FAIRY ~ Art Print 5x7 by twosilverstars on Etsy, $10.00

Jean-Baptiste Monge


♒ Mermaids Among Us ♒ art photography paintings of sea sirens water maidens - fairy mermaid

josephine wall

Black and white sketch of mermaid with long hair, looking at the moon

Chicory Fairy. Chicory, or endive, is a perennial herb with a long tap root. It has condensed, round stems, numerous light or dark green leaves and pale blue flowers.

and fairies