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    • Lisa Lynch

      Siri knows Big Bang Theory!! Awesome! siri makes me laugh so hard! when im having a bad day and need a laugh , yea i talk to my phone LOL.

    • Megan McManus

      For those of you who dont know - Siri is a computer. And this still makes me giggle... 15 minutes after i read it. I just keep picturing Raj from the Big Bang Theory talking to his phone.

    • Sylvia Hardin

      Please let this be true... a Siri that watches Big Bang Theory... I would so buy an Iphone and do nothing but talk big bang stuff with it. :P

    • Lana Dupont

      not a gift but the fact that siri quoted sheldon is freaking awesome. big bang theory haha

    • Kerri Lopez - Hogan

      Siri knows Big Bang Theory This is only funny because if ^^ that description.

    • Caryl

      Funny Texts - Page 16 of 32 - NoWayGirl (Sheldon Cooper!) Challenged by Siri!!

    • Justine

      Siri quotes The Big Bang Theory?! I now must have Siri. :-)

    • Tauro Photography

      Siri quoted Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" :D

    • mayra espinoza

      siri quoting sheldon #bigbangtheory

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