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  • Allie Boselli

    Bobby socks were very popular during this time. They were socks that were folded at the ankle and they were usually worn with saddle shoes. They were also very popular to wear with school uniforms. They would usually be worn with casual clothing.

  • Tamara Capell

    Saddle shoes, with comb in bobby socks - 1950s.

  • Mandy Manley

    saddle oxfords, Nina Leen, 1947

  • Hansa Tingsuwan

    Saddle shoes, bobby socks, comb slipped in the cuff Photo by Nina Leen 1947, LIFE magazine

  • Sachi Masuda

    Saddle oxford shoes for HS students

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Those moments in life when your with friends ..your heart is happy and nothing else matters .. Wa- hoooooo !

Teens wore Capri pants, bobby sox, and saddle oxfords. And pink with black was the vogue in the 1950s.

Bobby sox and saddle oxfords. Nothing like black and white with denim.

Saddle shoes, denims neatly rolled, bobby-socks; rising from the checker-patterned linoleum tiles, shiney chrome legs support the furniture.

It's About 50's Lime. perfect look.. saddle shoes worn with white bobby socks

.the great 50's ~~ I had to wear them as a kid in the 60's. not because they were in style any more, but because they were "corrective shoes" for flat feet! ~~GG

1940s vintage fashion style found photo girl in shorts casual sports wear shirt striped saddle shoes bobby socks war era style hair etc.

The only kind of shoes I got to wear in elementary school; couldn't have loafers until 7th grade saddle-shoes-403 by Saddle Shoe Habitat, via Flickr

I don't know wtf is going on here (well doesn't he look snazzy) but it says: "American teenagers in Heidelberg, Germany on cover of `Life' magazine dated 07-21-1947."

Norma Smallwood of Tulsa, Okla., became Miss America in 1926.