bobby sox and saddle shoes

Vintage Campus Chic

Bobby sox and saddle oxfords. Nothing like black and white with denim.

Bobby soxers.

Bobbie socks oh yes.......lived in them and penny loafers and saddle shoes...

Vintage Chic

Saddle Shoes ~

1940s Cheerleaders

Teens, 1947

Norma Smallwood of Tulsa, Okla., became Miss America in 1926.

I don't know wtf is going on here (well doesn't he look snazzy) but it says: "American teenagers in Heidelberg, Germany on cover of `Life' magazine dated 07-21-1947."

Rose Bowl........Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bee Line Bowl ...Tulsa, Oklahoma

Group of teenagers listening to 45 rpm. records as they shop for the latest hits at a record store, photo by Nina Leen, 1944

Storm over downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

Ram's Head --- Art Deco at the Tulsa Fairgrounds -- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kiawa Indian Girls in Buckskin dress Lawrence T. Jones III Texas photography collection Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Dust Bowl Hardship


'Bobby' pins

1940s- I wear the same outfit on the left at almost every summer reenactment. And people love to say women didn't dress that way.... HAH!