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How to Stop Mail for a Deceased Person

by Juan Ramirez
Continuing to receive mail for a recently deceased friend or relative can be a painful and frustrating experience. The United States Post Office continues to deliver mail for deceased people until such time that they are officially notified that delivery should cease. Unfortunately, this requires vi...
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Cleaning A Porcelain Sink

How to Clean Window Tracks: white vinegar and baking soda (or hydrogen peroxide!) 30 Q-tips toothbrush hot water paper towels Sprinkle baking soda into the corners, then pour in some vinegar. The baking soda will begin to bubble and loosen up the cruddy stuff. When the bubbling calms down, begin to make circle motions with a Q-tip, then go back into the corners and sweep the muck towards the middle. Pour warm water from the corner to the center. Use your paper towels to wipe everything dry.

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Home staging showing an empty house

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How to Photograph Writing With Sparklers

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I bet you didn’t know rice could be used for other things than eating. Here are a bunch of unusual uses for rice to try around your house. Tip #6 is one that I use often. I’m excited to try #5.

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It’s a little controversial… but it’s true! - Shabby Art Boutique