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  • Rosemary Burton

    French knitting is an interesting way for kids to work with yarn. Imagine what you could make with this kids craft! I think PVC pipe is a little sturdier but such a great idea for kids to learn how to be resourceful!

  • Helena Green

    Cheap Craft Ideas for Kids - Knitting Nancies - Click Pic for 19 Quick Easy Christmas Crafts made from toilet paper tubes!

  • Kara Poates

    Tag Archives: french knitting Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #5: Chic Winter Doll Accessories Posted on January 24, 2012 | 4 Comments Dolly loves to pull her hair back, but she doesn’t like her ears to get cold, so this combination headband/ear warmer is perfect for her. She thinks the pom-poms add just the right touch. Dolly embraces her youthful, somewhat old-fashioned style and appreciates how it sets her apart from some of the newer dolls in the household (many from faraway lands – yet oddly, almost all blondes). Piper is from Australia. She’s a beach girl who hates to cover up, but she will agree to a scarf now and then and she likes this one because it looks so good with her orange Ugg boots. (Which the other dolls will tell you she wears all the time – even when it’s not cold out.) Nicolette is from France, so she knows the true value of a hat. Hats keep her head warm of course, but she also wears them to up the style quotient of any outfit. This purple one was knit just for her on a special double-wide, 18 (!) popsicle stick toilet paper roll nancy. Project Notes The headband/ear warmer was knit on a 6 popsicle stick toilet paper roll knitting nancy with an acrylic yarn from Michael’s (store brand) called Country Loom. It’s a super bulky yarn. I knit a 10″ tube on the nancy and left tails on both ends of the tube about 7″ long. I made two small pom-poms with my Clover pom-pom kit (mine is an older version; it amazes me that they keep redesigning these!) and attached them to the end of each tail of my knitted tube with a surgeon’s knot (this beading page has a good illustration). Use a pom-pom tail from the start or end of your wrapping to tie your knot, not one from the piece of yarn you used to tie around your pom-pom when you completed your wrapping. Tie the knot very close to the pom-pom and trim all remaining long ends or the whole darn pom-pom if it is too big. The fringed scarf was also knit on a 6 popsicle stick toilet paper roll nancy with another acrylic yarn that came from Michael’s, a bulky from Bernat called Softee Chunky Twists. I knit a 25″ length of tube and then cut 12, seven-inch long pieces of yarn that I bundled into groups of three. I tied two sets of three pieces of yarn to each end of the scarf as shown below. Then I wove in both tails of my tube a bit and trimmed them. The hat. Well, let me first tell you how I made the nancy. I took two toilet paper rolls and cut each one open down the entire length of the roll. Then I trimmed each piece cross-wise, so they were only about 2.5″ long. Next, I placed a piece of double-sided tape along the end of one cut length of toilet paper roll. I attached one end of the other piece to that and did the same thing to attach the other two cut ends and that’s how I made a double-wide toilet paper roll nancy. Well, almost. Then I wrapped a piece of double-sided tape cross-wise around the expanded toilet paper roll and proceeded to place popsicle sticks (fairly closely) around the roll. Next I wrapped a piece of colored plastic tape cross-wise around the outside of those sticks and I wound up with something that looked like this: I knit 14 or 15 rows around and then used a separate piece of yarn that I threaded through each of the loops remaining on the nancy. I used a plastic yarn needle to do this and brought my yarn up through the bottom of each loop as shown: Then I slipped those loops off the sticks and pulled both ends of the threaded yarn to gather the top of the hat. I tied those ends together and wove all loose ends in before trimming them. Nicolette likes to wear the hat wrong side out. For additional information on knitting with a toilet paper roll knitting nancy, please use the following links: Attack of the Knitting Nancys Poly Cord Drawstring Bag, Part 2 Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #1: Festive Garlands → 4 Comments Posted in Kid Stuff, Knitting Tagged french knitting, knit doll accessories, spool knitting, toilet paper roll knitting nancy Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #4: Wreath Ornaments Posted on December 1, 2011 | Leave a comment Much like the lid handle, this idea came from experimentation. Knit a short length of different materials with your toilet paper roll nancy, and they will likely tell you what they want to become. Some turn out to be duds, but this one (knit from some leftover chenille-type yarn) turned out pretty well. Here’s another wreath below done up in pink wool. Wool works great for these; it forms a nice springy wreath. These wreaths are made just like the chains in Idea #1. Knit about a 4-1/2″ length tube using the yarn of your choice and your toilet paper roll knitting nancy. When you reach the desired length, cut your yarn leaving at least a 6″ tail. Thread that tail through each loop you remove from your nancy and pull up tight. Pull the tail at the other end of your tube up tight as well and tie both tails together with a surgeon’s knot (this beading page has a good illustration) to form your wreath. Trim both ends to about 3/4″. Use about a 6″ length of ribbon to form a band around the top of your wreath. Tie a knot to secure the ribbon band. This will serve as the anchor for your bow. Slip a longer piece of ribbon through the non-knotted side of the ribbon band you just made and tie a bow. Adjust your bow, trim your ends, and you are ready to use your ornament to decorate a gift or whatever you choose. For additional information on knitting with a toilet paper roll knitting nancy, please use the following links: Attack of the Knitting Nancys Poly Cord Drawstring Bag, Part 2 Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #1: Festive Garlands → Leave a comment Posted in Knitting Tagged french knitting, knit wreath ornaments, spool knitting, toilet paper roll knitting nancy Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #3: Napkin Rings Posted on November 23, 2011 | Leave a comment I think I’m going to try this again with a smaller knitting nancy because a tighter knit would make them more stable and more likely to actually cinch the napkin roll which is something I think you want in a napkin ring. And if not a cinch, at least a fairly tight hold. Still, they are lovely, aren’t they? Like jewelry for the table. This is the same cord I used for the garland in Idea #1. I knit it in approximately 4″ lengths and attached one end of the metal leaf metallic clasps to each tail end by tying a packer’s knot (click here). I trimmed the ends to about 1/2″ and didn’t bother with trying to hide them. The clasp really makes this project. I found it at my local Michael’s and purchased all three that they had left in stock. The colors of the metal work perfectly with the cord. If you want to try to find them they are called specialty findings, are designed by Jill MacKay, and come from Bead Landing. I had to glue two magnets back onto the clasps, but other than that they’re great. For additional information on knitting with a toilet paper roll knitting nancy and what to do with the tails, etc., please use the following links: Attack of the Knitting Nancys Poly Cord Drawstring Bag, Part 2 Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #1: Festive Garlands → Leave a comment Posted in Knitting Tagged french knitting, knit napkin rings, spool knitting, toilet paper roll knitting nancy Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #2: Lid Handle Posted on November 16, 2011 | 4 Comments I paid a visit to Ikea last week and I found this sisal twine that I thought would be fun to try in the knitting nancy. The sample that I knit above just seemed to scream “handle”, so that’s what it became. I’m pretty excited about this idea. It’s so easy, so useful, and it looks good too. Then there are all the material possibilities: real or faux leather or suede cord, twine, mason line – you name it. Now I just need to look for places where I need handles. Perhaps on either side of a storage box or even used as drawer pulls. Keep in mind that if you use only four evenly spaced popsicle sticks on your toilet paper roll nancy, your knitted tube will not be round; it will be square. The loops that you form on each stick will make the four corners of a square tube. That could make for an interesting handle, couldn’t it? I attached this handle to an inexpensive round box made in the Philippines that I found at Michael’s. I used my sewing awl to put holes in the box top and then I threaded the twine tails of my handle through them and tied knots in the tails on the inside of the box to secure the handle. If I get very ambitious I may cut out those little international Santa figures and decoupage them around the perimeter of the box. But I doubt I would have the patience for that unless I were sick in bed and I sure hope that doesn’t happen again between now and Christmas. Those Santa pictures are from the packaging for a set of lunch sack size paper bags Ikea is selling now. They are very charming. The wrapping paper underneath is also from Ikea. For additional information on knitting with a toilet paper roll knitting nancy and what to do with the tails, etc., please use the following links: Attack of the Knitting Nancys Poly Cord Drawstring Bag, Part 2 Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #1: Festive Garlands → 4 Comments Posted in Christmas, Knitting Tagged french knitting, knit handle, spool knitting, toilet paper roll knitting nancy Toilet Paper Roll Knitting Nancy Idea #1: Festive Garlands Posted on November 13, 2011 | 4 Comments Because the Attack of the Knitting Nancys post I published last summer continues to generate so much interest, I feel compelled to offer some practical uses for the toilet paper roll knitting nancy. I’d been getting ideas and collecting a few different materials and then last week when I went into Anthropologie I saw this big upside down Christmas tree suspended from the ceiling of the store that I couldn’t really appreciate until I got a closer look and discovered that the wool garland on the tree appeared to be made with – what else – a knitting nancy! What a brilliant idea. So simple, so straightforward. My young friend who was the recipient of one of those toilet paper roll nancys from last summer knit quite a long tube with hers. I don’t know what’s become of it, but here’s one way to put it to use. The Upside Down Christmas Tree I love paper chains as garlands, so I decided to make up a chain garland using knit tubes. This is a great way to use up leftover yarn and that’s exactly what I did. To make the chain, I knit tubes that extended about an inch below the bottom of my toilet paper roll. Each tube was approximately 5.5″ long. When I finished my last round on the nancy, I cut my yarn – leaving about a 6″ tail. I removed the loops from the popsicle sticks one at a time and threaded that tail through each loop. Then I pulled the loops on that tail up tight, pulled the tail up tight on the other end, brought the two ends together to form a ring, and tied a knot with both tails of yarn. I used a regular square knot and pulled very tight, as these knots can come undone. If you’re concerned about that, putting an extra twist in the first step of your square knot (surgeon’s knot, I believe) should make for a more secure knot. You can either knit all your tubes before you construct your chain or construct it as you go. Either way, remember that once you’ve formed your first ring, all other rings must be formed around the previous ring to make your chain. I clipped my yarn tails about 1/4″ from the knots and didn’t bother trying to hide them too much. The golden garland is pretty, isn’t it? That’s just plain knitting on the toilet paper roll nancy. I found the cord at Jo-Ann’s. It’s Darice metallic cord for plastic canvas in beige/silver. It looks like jewelry when it’s knit. I have another project using this cord that I’ll show you soon. This kind of knitting is not just for kids. Yesterday I was sidelined by a bad cold, so I took to my bed with my knitting nancy and a cup of tea and I could still feel productive. I highly recommend it. For additional information on how to knit with knitting nancys or how to make your own, click on the link at the top of this post. You might also want to see Poly Cord Drawstring Bag, Part 2. → 4 Comments Posted in Christmas, Kid Stuff, Knitting Tagged french knitting, knit garlands, spool knitting, toilet paper roll knitting nancy Attack of the Knitting Nancys Posted on June 17, 2011 | 9 Comments Knitting Nancys (a.k.a. French knitters, knitting nobbys, spool knitters, etc.) have become something of an obsession for me this week. I’ve been thinking about what to include in a beginning knitting class for kids that I might teach at Sam’s school next fall, so I purchased one at the Bobbin’s Nest in Santa Clara last month. I never got around to trying it, however (the directions seemed daunting), until I found this Giant Knitting Nancy by UK design company Superblue in a recent Vogue Knitting magazine and watched the video that you can find on Superblue’s page about the project here. Source: Superblue You can see the giant nancy in the background of the photo above. The video shows someone actually using it to knit and, on that scale, I easily understood how it worked and could make sense of those directions for my much smaller- scale nancy. Once I started exploring these tools on the internet, I found many versions of a DIY toilet paper roll nancy and set out to make my own. What I love about both the giant nancy and the toilet paper roll version is that you can knit with only your hands and the nancy. You don’t need a tool like the one shown in the photo with my purchased nancy to help you manipulate the loops of yarn on your pegs. This is a huge plus for kids (and adults for that matter). It’s so easy and so fun to do. Kind of addicting actually. Your only problem will be what to do with the long, hollow, knitted tubes you create. I found the stained popsicle sticks for my DIY nancys at Michael’s. They are cute, aren’t they? The only drawback is that they will stain your fingers during the first use of your nancy. They are taped to the toilet paper roll with colored tape. But again, color is optional. What I learned from making my own nancys is that the tube (toilet paper roll) size and number of pegs determine the circumference of your knitted tube, while the size of the pegs determines the size of your loops. There is a wonderful resource on the internet called The Lost of Art of Knitting Nancys. Here you can find everything you ever wanted to know about them, including how to make and use them. It was put together by a mechanical engineer who was in third grade in 1959 when a knitting nancy fad hit his school. He says it made an imprint on his brain that carried through to middle age and the creation of his knitting nancy page. Do scroll through and read the final paragraph where he explains this. It is funny, charming and very well-written. Some of his methods look rather complex, but there is more than one way to use these knitters. The six-year-old in this video shows the most simple method I’ve seen. I do something similar, but I wrap my yarn around the peg, and I work in the opposite direction. Whatever method you use and whether you are six or sixty-something, knitting with a nancy is a blast. → 9 Comments Posted in Kid Stuff, Knitting Tagged french knitting, giant knitting nancy, knitting nancy Categories Birthday Christmas Easter Embroidery Fine Things Furnishings Halloween Kid Stuff Knitting Miniatures Misc Holiday Misc Textiles Paper Projects Places to Go Sewing Something Else Something to Drink Something to Eat Something to Read Something to Watch Something to Wear Theme: Coraline by Automattic. Fonts on this blog. Blog at Follow Follow “My Material Life” Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Powered by toilet roll french knitting - Methinks I could do this, and then braid them together for a cute scarf!

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