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grunt gallery | Phil Switzer’s Creations in Vitro (January 31st 1989)

An Open Letter: Why is What's in My Pants so Interesting?

Too Queer for Your Binary: Everything You Need to Know and More About Non-Binary Identities. Also, I just really like this image.; Horne's Vocabulary: Queer means strange or odd.

Men have plenty of emotions; they're just taught that being anything but angry or happy is "gay"/"sissy" etc.

Why is this even a big deal? The only change target made was switching the back of the shelves from pink and blue to grey. That should in no way affect your ability to tell the difference between a remote-control helicopter and a doll.

Gender Pronouns - looking beyond the binary with terms for non-binary trans* identificiations like genderqueer, gender fluid, bigender, and agender.

Cannes Film Festival Won't Admit Women Wearing Flat Shoes

Are you fucking kidding me? I have a back injury and haven't been able to wear heels for 2 years. So I would be refused entry to a movie theater? This is stupid to the extreme.

High heels were first worn by men!

And pink used to be a masculine color, but now it is contaminated by being considered 'feminine'