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inspiration to exercise (via @Anniceytz )

The Captions is - "What fits your busy schedule better, exercising 1 hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?

Aww...poor rhino, such high aspirations. TC

Never give up on your dreams. Go rhino! You can change into a unicorn! Enjoy this rhino-unicorn meme.


Fitness Humor The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.

That's what I did wrong!!

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Healthy Living Heavy Lifting’s Ultimate Guide to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About IIFYM - Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting

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25+ Ideas for Exercising with your Kids - fun family fitness & exercise! Brought to you by Chevrolet Traverse. #Traverse

25+ Ideas to Exercise with Kids

Workout Routines for all Body Parts : 25 Ideas for Exercising with your Kids fun family fitness & exercise!

10-Minute Workout Routine: Total-Body Toning | Shape Magazine

Get Fit Fast: 10-Minute Workout

Total-Body Exercise: Lunge, Curl, Press - Get Fit Fast: Total-Body Workout - Shape Magazine - Page 2

And not a "diet" but a diet as in how you eat. Do you eat crap all the time? Or do you eat your fruits and veggies?

Change Your Life Series - Step 2 Eat Healthily

This is so true. You can't lose weight and keep it off if you don't improve your diet. Can't out-exercise a Bad Diet!

Mommy's Downsizing: My 15 Minutes of BODYATTACK- you need to read this woman's sloth to sexy blog. So funny you will burn calories laughing. Oh and "Josh the Fabulous" is my friend from highschool :)

I suddenly feel the urge to make an elephant noise every time I plank in the gym

Sports bras in reality. | Running On Instagram Vs. Running In Reality

Running On Instagram Vs. Running In Reality

Taking off a sweaty sports bra after a workout. Only girls who work hard will get this. The ones that workout with their hair down, and a full face of makeup, who don't sweat. they will not fully understand.

"Stop smoking, drinking, eat less, exercise more! Are you some kind of health nut?"


SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsStop smoking, quit drinking, eat less, exercise more! Are you some kind of health nut?


SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsIf you haven't exercised in awhile, you may need to stretch and warm up before you stretch and warm up.

Drink up!

8 Cups of Water. not glasses. A cup of water is Too often this fact is misconstrued and people are led to believe they need to drink 8 large glasses of water. You really need to drink 8 cups, which is 2 liters.

For all my planking challengers

For all my planking challengers- so true. So, so true. I can plank for three minutes now and everything after about thirty seconds is the definition of agony.

"Father of the year"... Because having 3 kids is no EXCUSE! If you want it you will do it! http://mmorris.webs.com or  https://www.facebook.com/MMorrisFitness

Funny pictures about Having 3 kids is no excuse. Oh, and cool pics about Having 3 kids is no excuse. Also, Having 3 kids is no excuse.

What's your excuse?

You excuse is invalid. Boy ain't that the truth. I'd love to meet this little guy.