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DIY-ify: a trip to the museum

Hello friends! A favorite trend I’m enjoying right now: “Museums” on the wall. In fact, I have quite a few butterflies already on my walls at home. I photographed these butterflies from my collection to share with you. Now you can make your very own butterfly wall art! Just print the images out to your [...]

Butterflies Floral Deco Grunge Paper Instant Download 1,2,1.5 Inch Resin Glass Pendants Digital Collage Sheet Round Jpeg Images (C-3)

1937 butterflies and moths printable. To go with the ones from Martha, the ones from Ikea, and the ones I made for our bathroom. For when it´s finally spring.

3 Top DIY Rain Barrel Ideas to Gather Water for Garden

How to Make a DIY Rain Barrel from a Garbage Can

Today's featured DIY project is a great one because we are entering a lovely rainy season soon! Collecting rain water is a convenient, thrifty and green way to water your yard. But not only that, is is a cleaner, more natural way to care for your gardens, yard and landscape. There's an article...