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.300 AAC Blackout: The Whisper Turns Black

Round nose bullets have greater sectional density than spitzers. In the picture, the 220-grain round nose bullet is the same length as the 180-grain boat tail spitzer pictured.

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Winchester’s Advertising – Two special pieces of Winchester advertising adorn the NRA Museum in Springfield, MO. From the Petersen Collection, a rare Winchester “Bullet” board & a Winchester 4-panel window front board – actually found in the Bass Pro warehouse. Long before TV & internet made their impact on Am. households, the firearms trade created a variety of colorful graphic items that could attract attention in gun shops. Today, these early advertising materials are prime collectibles.

Buckshot Chart Pellets in Shell - Bing Images

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Ammunition bullets

.22 Accuracy Shooting.

Ammo Can Shelf

When it comes to reloading ammo, there are some tricks and tips master ballistician Phil Massaro has picked up that makes it safer and more efficient.

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Five Things Learned Reloading Ammunition

Buckshot vs. Birdshot Density kills, and these tests should help settle an ancient argument.

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pistol vs rifle barrels vs energy

327 Sig ballistics

How to Conceal Spare Ammo

graph of distance a bullet can travel


.223 vs. 300BLK

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FRAG-12. Explosive 3 inch 12-Gauge Shotgun Shells. You have a choice of High Explosive (HE), High Explosive Fragmenting Antipersonnel (HE-FA), and High Explosive Armor-Piercing (HE-AP). Best of all its British.