They rescue us

So true

it's true. :)

True :)

funny and true.

Too true.

so true


So true...

I don't have a dog...but if I did THIS would be its Halloween costume. Cuteness! STAR WARS DOG hat costume yoda inspired pet by HandmadeMonster - StyleSays


Rescue dog

<3 orange cats!

I think I might die: Labrador Retriever, Sweet, Golden S, Puppy Love, Golden Retrievers, So Cute, Cute Animals, Dog S, Furry Friends

I will own a golden retriever one day! :): Cute Puppies, Puppy Love, Golden Retrievers, So Cute, Puppy Face, Golden Puppy, Golden Retriever Puppies

My Daisy <3

<3 dream dogs


we must remember this.....

the animal rescue page on Facebook just posted this - Imgur

Love me.. Love my dog.