Gotta love Dads :)

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my dad does this all the time! drives me nuts sometimes... also when i call him "daddy" he says, "whatty?" i sure love him!

that is too funny

If i had a poster like this in my room... id do it too

funny text messages

Idk why I laughed so hard but for some odd reason it really was funny



YES! #funny #twilight

Funny Texts

Funny Text Messages - Dadhey could you lend me $50 for gas while I look for a job?Don't you have a job?I got fired yesterday. My boss told me I needed to leave my problems at the door when I came to work.And?I told him to go stand outside.HAHAHAHAHAHA your mother is going to die when she hears this!

My dad always did this, hated then but i know one day my kids will hate it just as much lol



thats adorable

Damn Funny Texts

Ha! What a cool dad! :)

Mom/Dad texting - too funny