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"I'm just going to touch your face"

Always nap with your cushy ball ~ and always be ready to play when you get up from your nap...

"I is not sure if I forgives you yet. Is mean to say you throw the ball and then not."

Cute Pug. "I'm ready fo my nap, Momma. Takes me to our big bed n snuggle wif me for a coupla hours?!?! I needz mah booty sweep. Pweeassseeee, Mommy?" :)

Le carlin est un chien originaire de Chine, qui appartient à la catégorie des molosses. Cette race très ancienne fut le chien de compagnie de nombreux aristocrates, tels que la Reine Marie-Antoinette. C’est un chien de taille moyenne (environ 30 centimètres), musclé, compact, et à la tête large. Le Carlin est extrêmement sympathique. Il est joueur, joyeux, et apprécié des jeunes enfants, car il a toujours de l’énergie. #Croquetteland #race #Carlin #chien #dog #pug

Typography print eyechart poster funny quote art Pug art - I love you like a fat pug loves cake A3 A4 11x14 or 8x11 print - choose a color

Look at that face!!! Sweater Pug on a Leash

I want shoes that have my face on them! I can't stop laughing for some reason!

Pug Art Print with the Adorable Face Wall Decor Digital Print. $14.00, via Etsy.

The more you look at it the more you laugh. Not this dog. No way. No how. Just another reason to live in California.