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  • Glaucia Fazani

    Neurons inside the brain

  • Meredith Connelly

    The human brain may contain up to one trillion neurons. These nerve cells are interconnected, as shown in this microscopic image, so that they can transmit electrical impulses—and information—to other cells. I did an installation based on these forms!

  • Patrizia Tazza

    Brain Pictures, Brain Photos -- National Geographic

  • Thinking Skills Club

    Amazing Pictures Of The Brain At Work

  • Denise

    alton brown photos: brain neurons

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A rear view of the skull reveals the brain and the cervical spinal cord, which function together as the central nervous system. The remarkable apparatus uses motor neurons to control the body's many muscles and enables humans to perform myriad physical activities.

Skillful surgeons at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, remove a tumor from a woman's brain. Malignant tumors indicate often lethal brain conditions, but even nonmalignant growths can preempt normal brain activity. Any tumor may compress regions of the brain and increase internal pressure, upsetting the organ's delicate functional balance.

pyramidal neurons in the cerebral cortex

Photographs of the brains of different species

-Nerve cells and glial cells, SEM by ScienceIllustrated, via Flickr.

SELF-FUNDED PhD RESEARCH PROJECT- "Accelerated decline of vision in Parkinson's Disease". Applications are accepted all year round. For more information:

"This neurosphere was cultured from an adult mouse brain in a project aiming to determine how new brain cells are born in the adult brain. With nascent neurons (yellow) navigating amongst associated astrocytes (red), it reminds me of a meteorite in the night sky and highlights the mirror relationship between microcosm and macrocosm."

The simple beauty of a human neuron

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - Eruption of the Cordon del Caulle (Ricardo Mohr)

neurosciencestuff: Researchers turn one form of neuron into another in the brain A new finding by Harvard stem cell biologists turns one of the basics of neurobiology on its head – demonstrating that it is possible to turn one type of already differentiated neuron into another within the brain. The discovery by Paola Arlotta and Caroline Rouaux “tells you that maybe the brain is not as immutable as we always thought, because at least during an early window of time one can reprogram the identity

Magnify photo to clearly see all the dots of green, yellow, & pink lights that are in the strands that glow through space. This particular universe light is part of the inner world... A Brain Cell. Astounding design. RESEARCH DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - The structures within the brain are made up of about 100 billion neurons + trillions of support cells called glia. A fruit fly has ~ 100.000 neurons in its tiny head- efficient design.