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  • Carolyn Steinke

    SEBASTAPOL GOOSE In German, they are called Lockengans or Struppgans, meaning “curl-goose” and “unkempt goose” but they are beautiful animals with fancy tutu-like feathering. The Sebastopol is a medium-sized goose with long, white curly feathers. The feathers of the neck are smooth and sometimes greyish-brown. Crosses have produced all-gray, buff, and saddle back variants. Feathers on the breast may be curly (frizzle) or smooth.

  • Marsh Mutt

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  • Jennifer King

    A white Sebastopol goose - beautiful long, curly feathers, contrasting with blue eyes and bright orange beak. My favorite geese!

  • Patty Stagg

    Sebastopol geese

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