Talking into a fan. Yes, I remember this! And I'd do it again.

This minty vin­tage spec­i­men was dis­cov­ered and pho­tographed by Bravo Six Niner Delta in March 2011. The stamps are from the late 1960s and were found in in Englewood, Tennessee — great find.

I can't even begin to imagine how many of these I made when I was in school LOL This was our way of text messaging

Rotary Dial Telephone. I still remember our first phone number: 47391. That was the whole thing!

Rolling Down the Car Window

Remember when the teacher walked in with this? haha 80's 90's kid

Ssh! I am recording Countdown on the TV! I don't want you talking over my tape!

Paper Fortune Tellers Our fortunes were things like "you're stupid" or "you suck" and "You're cool." Yup.... we were pretty nifty kids @Kathleen Publicover

The Flintstones. Watched it while eating dinner with my little brothers in the 60s.

dying art....shorthand---my mother was a secretary and used this daily, I could never learn it

OMG - so true. My husband loves to do this to give me a heart attack..and my kids love it cause its FUN!

the only 'movie' I remember owning was Planet of the Apes

Whatever became of this, did they find out it was bad for us? My mom put it on all our cuts and bites. :)

Oh yeah, I remember this! You only had to flip the flash!

I remember this toy! See & Say!! What a fun fun thing it was.... oh the memories - the cat says Meow!!

Todays kids will never know BUBBLE GUM BUBBLE GUM IN A DISH! HOW MANY PIECES DO YOU WISH???? I forgot about this!!! ~:~

Vintage Avon 70s Kiss N Makeup Lip Gloss Compact Novelty- had this and the Penny, and Oreo Cookie ones too

THIS is how we checked out a book from the library! We also looked up books using the card catalog and the Dewey Decimal system!

Remember this?I I use to wait all day listening for songs to record off the radio, using another tape player that I held up to the speakers LOL

I loved and hated this thing - the bane of my yoot! BTW, the water tasted gross after it stayed in there awhile.