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    In loving memory of Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey. #Slexie #ThisHurts

    Mark Sloan and Arizona ♥

    Such an amazing cast ♥ Grey's Anatomy, Mr. Grey is not there. I got clued to Scandal bc of Grey's cast & Private Practice.

    I loved this part of the episode

    Derek: Where's Lexie? Arizona: Where's Lexie? Mark: Lexie's dead.

    Slexie scene (Mark Sloan and Callie Torres) Grey's Anatomy best couple | Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh

    Mark and lexie:D

    I loved this scene haha

    Grey's Anatomy love this scene with Izzie, Alex and Mark

    Greys Anatomy... Mark and Lexie

    Lexie Grey, everyone.

    ♥ Grey's Anatomy - Mark and Lexie

    Mark Sloan: Lex, I'm still in love with you. I tried not to be, but it didn't work. And Sloane's gone, there is no baby and I don't want to sleep around. I want another chance. I'm in love with you. Lexie Grey: Karev, he's...Maek, I have a boyfriend. Sloan: I know, I'm saying you could have a husband. Grey's Anatomy quotes

    Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan

    Grey's Anatomy - Lexie And Meredith

    Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan they are adorable ^_^ :*

    Derek: You know this isn’t normal. the frat house ♥ -- aww i miss the frat house

    just rip out my heart and stop on it. Go ahead. That's fine

    God I miss him. I just got caught up in the show and I knew Lexie died but had no idea about him. One of the hardest deaths on any show for me

    Lexie Grey ♥ Grey's Anatomy

    Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan