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  • Florin Stanescu

    Gluten Free Chocolate Whoopie Pies! After seeing these treats on tv, on the Internets and on my flickr friends photo streams I simply HAD to try them. I used this recipe. I have to say, whoopie pies are delicious! I also have to say I do not recomme Gluten free Vegan and Vegetarian bouillon cubes and gravy.Our gluten free recipes are rapid and are produced with our bouillon cubes, granules, powder and gravies. -

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Homemade Moon Pies: Ingredients ― butter; powdered sugar; all-purpose flour; graham flour; salt; baking powder; vanilla; gelatin; water; sugar; corn syrup; chocolate; shortening. Instructions ― Cream butter+sugar. Add flours, salt, baking powder, vanilla. Combine. Wrap dough;refrigerate. Roll dough; cut circles.Place on baking sheet. Bake. Make marshmellow filling; pipe onto cookies. Make the chocolate coating. Dip cookies in chocolate. #Moon_Pies #Chocolate #Marshmellow #smells_like_home