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neon heart,Se o mundo fosse meu te daria a metade, mas como o mundo é de deus te dou minha amizade.Boa tarde!!!

french heart-stopping // what an adorable traffic light

rain dance killed my jar.. :)

Me gusta verlos pintarse de sol y grana, volar bajo el cielo azul temblar, súbitamente y quebrarse... nunca persegui la gloria...Caminante, no hay hace camino al andar.

Inocente´s: Nunca Julgue as pessoas

Hubble Bubble Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook By The Astronomist on Thursday, July 29, 2010 The Copernican principle holds that humans are not privileged observers of the Universe.

wanderlust landscape travel sky beach hike paris holiday romatic bucketlist flowers adventure europe architecture

LOVE is what it's all about. If you think it's about something else, think again. ~ Sue Urda ♥

What do bubbles taste like? Not soapy ones. I tried that. I don't recommend it. I HAVE A NEW LIFE MISSION!! to make bubbles EDIBLE | oh wow this is the most brilliant idea I've ever had!! *excited* who wants to cocreate edible bubbles with me