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Some people will watch a movie to undwind. And some of us just go on Pinterest for 2 hours instead. | Confession Ecard |

ha! story of my life... OMG!! ^ -I didn't write that, but I was about to type it!! Ha I love when I find another pinner that has my humor!!! *leeanne*

Why are people so idiotic? People would rather plant trees if they gave off Wifi signals than if they provide oxygen for us, absorb carbon dioxide, stop polar ice caps from melting, save polar bears from dying, and stop Global Warming!!!!!!!!!!

Exactly! Read a blog post about how RUDE people can be to bloggers they don't even know!!!!

How to lose friends quickly. Or make new friends with a twisted mind like yours.

- I like that it's called "Wise Guys", but guess from the pointed comments (& services, not that guys can't get the goods) directed at females - Should be "Stupid guys" as YOU UGLY not bound to draw them in -

Birds, Scary as shit demotivational poster

Ed O'Neil has been reading the same newspaper for 20 years - on Married with Children and Modern Family. Wow.

Cracks me up every time I look at it!

The struggle is real. "Boyfriend has 9 letters but so does Tacobelll."