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    secret-desires69: Agreed

    Real talk with a real friend!

    Honey, sometimes you just have to give up trying. You're not the douchebag whisperer, you know.



    omg. ah-mazing. will def use this

    Crystal Chou Chou Chou Simmons


    I'm a Mother. I've got no time for the nervous breakdown I truly deserve. :)

    If life hands you lemons…

    Inspirational? I think so. Sex. And being awesome.

    I don't always walk around my house in socks - but when I do, I find the only wet spot on the kitchen floor. [I hate when that happens]

    The Evil Queen Has To Poop // Snow White

    There's a name for it?!?

    Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: You're someone I really feel like I can sleep with sober.

    Your beard makes my shirt want to come off.

    I like working out in the morning in that I like wake-up sex.


    I am so in debt, I could start a government! :P

    Suggestive Venn Diagrams. dont know why this made me laugh

    I don't know why this makes me laugh, but it does

    Brb raging.

    So true!! Hahaha