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  • Sierra O'Mara Schwartz

    I AM SO SICK OF EVERY LOVE THING BEING ABOUT GETTING "CUTE" TEXT MESSAGES. GROW THE FUCK UP PEOPLE. LOVE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOOD MORNING TEXTS OR MAKE UP TEXTS. Get out of all of your 15 year old fantasies and realize love that is made out of technological communication is not real. "Cute pictures" don't matter either. Relationships are not for display. My boyfriend and I went a day without talking (GASP) and nothing changed. You know why? Because three word texts mean SHIT in relationshops.

  • JaMeisha Carr

    Cute Couple Text Messages - I found this, I always wanted to attract this into my life and I did, I am so grateful!! Things like this I love. Baby would send me these kind of things and I would completely melt, no matter where I was. I am so in love and with love, things like this happen all the time.

  • Zo Dunn

    I want this. I want you. Relationship quote

  • Amara

    awwwwwww this going to be a dude in my life oneday 2 do this through a text! cute AF.

  • Catherine Kammer

    sweet messages :) One day :)

  • Abby Fahrney Wilson

    Sweet Text Messages <3. "I Want This Too. I Want All Of It. I Want The Pointless Bickering, The Long Walks, The Late Night Phone Calls, The Good Morning Texts. I Want Cute Pictures With You, To Hold Your Hand, To Make Food For You, To Call You Baby. The Joking, The Wrestling, The Fights, The Long How I Feel Text Messages, After We Makeup. I Want To Be One Of Those Inseperable "Best Friend" Couples That People Are Like, "Your Still Together?" That's What I Want, With YOU!!"

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