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Apothecary bottles

The Frozen Aquarium In Japan- Every water animal there is frozen and kept in aquariums that are totally iced. The Aquarium houses more than 450 species and they all are frozen.

Tiny aquarium houses a few recently hatched Zebra Fish. Also made was an itty bitty net and air tube. It was made as a novelty and the fish weren't kept there permanently.

Rare Calcite Relic/Benetier-1800s FleaingFrance Brocante Society

19th century Quack Medicine Bottle. - love old bottles

Steampunk bugs #steampunk #display

Tiffany silver thimble holder

Eye Miniature painted on ivory - Georgian C. 1790 - Blue eye miniature hand painted on ivory under ovoid rock crystal with foiled garnets and pearls frame, hinged at the top, surmounted by a pearl-set flower motif and bail. (see pg 35 Romero 3rd)

Early 1800's Georgian brooch - eye portrait on card set into ivory & gold. "Lover's eye"

Victorian mourning necklace made of human hair in remembrance of a loved one. This was a custom before and after photography.

Antique Chinese water pipes

Lucien Gaillard Staghorn beetle magnifying glass c.1900

Porcelain Beetle

clear glass jugs

Vintage Bronze Alice in Wonderland Lock and Key Heart Bronze Necklace... This would make a pretty tattoo

antique thimble with tape measure

Victorian morphine set

A collection of English, French, and German snuff and patch boxes.


Clear quartz


Spinal cord in a child - 1906 anatomy text