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  • Emma Tuzzio

    Stunning Digital Illustrations by Julie Dillon

  • Sarah Potts

    "Artificial Dreams" by Julie Dillon. ...I'm usually not a great fan of digital art, but she certainly makes some fantastic work.

  • Bernie Barringer

    Julie Dillon combines classic elements of fantasy such as dragons and other fairy tales creatures with the modern art medium of Photoshop. Dillon’s colorful paintings burst with life and imagination and each painting is filled with a vivid portrayal of the artist’s joy in creating these scenes. Many of the creatures and characters that are found in Julie Dillon’s Photoshop paintings can also be found in the pages of fantasy novels and fairy tale books, but many of the subject

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In addition to how awesome this artwork is, I want to know who the character is! She looks adventurous and cool and smart. Kids need good female role models. Adults need good female role models, too! [Artwork by Julie Dillon I think]