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How to make your own First Blade from Supernatural! The tutorials not mine. Found it on iFunny and thought it was cool.

pin the knife on the demon game lol Supernatural demon blade base and tutorial by Crafty-Adoptables. This is mine and i put it up on my deviantart! i made a demon blade for cosplay and i just wanted to share a tutorial on how i made mine!

My current collection of Supernatural cosplay props. Personally made replicas, all created from scratch using Photoshop, Illustrator, leather and electronic work. The EMF detector is a working model, with meter, sound and lights. I am not associated with the show. These are for cosplay and personal amusement only. My dream would be to meet the prop team. Some people dream about the actors, I dream about meeting the prop makers and set decorators LOL. #SPN #Supernatural

The sound of our people. #Supernatural

this just made me say the sentence "the baby holding the demon knife is so cute." Wow SPN fandom has ruined my life.

Wait if dean still has his tattoo (which I think he does) the only way he could posses his own body would be if dean is now a knight of hell a.k.a rubys knife and holy water and salt wouldn't work on him

One fan's idea for a happy ending for #Supernatural