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Supernatural Birthday Game [I got Metatron. Yay! (I love/adore Curtis Armstrong, so its worth it ♥)]

I think Jensen is trying, or already has, renegotiated his contract so that he does get the impala, especially since the prop people redid the engine so that it sounds completely awesome now. And, they really do steal clothes off the set. They've worn Sam and Dean's clothes to actual panel discussions.

(gif set) Ruby 1.0. Love this. I think she's so pretty

SPN cast and crew oh my gosh

Supernatural Ruby's Demon Knife Earrings by 16bitmick on Etsy, $10.00

Previously on Supernatural... Dean: "I know where to get one." Sam: "really?" Dean: "yeah, call Sher-" Sam: "enough with the 'Sherlocks is a dragon' joke, it's getting old." Dean: "how old?" Sam: "time lord old." Dean: *smiles*

Cas, Dean, and Sam on a show. It would be one heck of a show.

A tutorial on how to make Ruby's Demon Slayer knife from the TV series Supernatural.

love this cast. its gonna be heartbreaking when they have to split when the show ends. though im praying it never does.

I loved this scene... "I'll watch over you"

SUPERNATURAL! :) Halloween costume. Ruby. Both Blonde and Dark haired Ruby wear the same clothes for the most part.