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    How to make Ruby's knife. by Mother-Of-Moths #supernatural #cosplay


    The sound of our people. #Supernatural

    A blank set of replica pages, carefully reproducing as many of the details as possible from the pages in the screen used prop version of John Winchester’s journal.

    Leviathan mask...can you imagine waking my dad up with this on!?!?!? Hhahahahahhahahahah

    Customised Supernatural Character Wire Word Necklace - Sam/Dean/Castiel | I can't even explain to anyone except my fellow superwholockians how much I need these!

    This is so good. #Supernatural

    Brilliant Cosplay it looks like changing channels theme song

    With Our Powers Combined: Supernatural Hunter's Kit

    this just made me say the sentence "the baby holding the demon knife is so cute." Wow SPN fandom has ruined my life.

    Supernatural crafts - How to make your own First Blade - click picture to see all instructions

    Enochian Writing I'm so using this from now on. Heh heh heh

    Wait if dean still has his tattoo (which I think he does) the only way he could posses his own body would be if dean is now a knight of hell a.k.a rubys knife and holy water and salt wouldn't work on him

    Cast of Supernatural


    Supernatural | 20 Fandom-Based Workouts To Get You Up And Moving ...maybe this is the motivation I need?

    that's awesome #parentingbyjohnwinchester #supernatural

    Supernatural fandom