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Everything You Need to Know to Pick the Right Preschool

I recently realized it’s that time of year again… preschool picking season! I can’t believe it’s already been thirteen months since we went through the frustrating/exciting/overwhelming process that is enrolling your child for their first school experience. Just in case you’re in that boat this year...

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learning to distinguish shades is one of the primary lessons in Montessori philosophy. Not only does it teach but it is so simple and so pretty!

Color Sorting Bags (would love to send Goose on a hunt for colors around the house but putting them back would be trying...)

color sort and graph pocket chart game there is also a pdf file of this available on the site www.daycareresour...

Color classification activity w/ paint chips. This would be so helpful for my Z, who gets confused over "light blue" and "dark blue."

Get your kids thinking with these fun and playful sorting activities for kids.

Sensory Color Sorting Playset Montessori and Waldorf by MamaMayI, $47.00

Turn a deviled egg tray into a color sorting tray. A little paint and some extra buttons.

Colour Sorting Activity for Toddlers - can use cotton balls and food coloring if we don't have pom poms.