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  • Sharn Taylor

    Bedazzle your garden fence with glass marbles - Thanks to Garden Drama for this beautiful idea.

  • Stefanie Halter

    Garden art on the cheap DIY: Glass marbles in your fence. Such a neat idea. I wish I had a wooden fence

  • Brenda Basinger

    Garden Art - Glass marbles in fence. Love this idea for my backyard someday!

  • Danielle Foster

    "Garden art on the cheap DIY: Glass marbles in your fence" Excellent! I just found some old fence pieces i could to this to and...stick them somewhere in the yard!

  • Bonnie Gerig

    I miss my plain wood fence. It was like a palette to "paint" on. =[ Garden art on the cheap DIY: Glass marbles in fence

  • Keah Slowey

    Glass Marble Fence- Amazing Idea

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Such a simple DIY but so effective. Who would have thought a drill and some marbles could transform an old tired fence into something magical?! Just imagine how gorgeous it would be when the sun hits the fence in the dusk?

A magical fence using nothing but marbles!! So pretty!!

Wow, drill holes in your fence and insert marbles. You could bake the marbles first and then insert them to "catch" more sun. So pretty!!

cool-backyard-ideas-wood-fence-colors Drill holes in your fence and fill them with marbles or other colored glass.

marble fence... I like the idea of doing this to a children's treehouse for whimsy. :)

Boring fence. Drill holes and place marbles in it. Neat idea. :)

Perfect. a cat fence ... how adorable...add marble for eyes

That's where you would sit and think about magic

Mosaic Marble Run. Beautiful idea for a quilt, maybe the edges could be buttons?