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  • Magnus Ruecker

    baby photo #cute kid #Cute Baby #lovely kid #baby boy #baby girl

  • Tawny Cowell

    doctor: I'm sorry to inform you that your baby has been born with heart hands. mother: But I only did heart hands one time for that maternity photo, I swear! doctor: One time is one time too many. @Meghan Krane Rokitka it won't let me tag you but I hope you see this lol

  • Maryluz Megido Alonso

    baby photo inspiration #children #photography

  • Donna Dowdy

    Newborn Photo - Heart Hands

  • Allene Kunde

    More newborn pic ideas #cute baby #Lovely baby #Lovely Newborn

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love this.....we stare at the kids sleeping all the time. they are such amazing little people

I don't have a photography board, but since this has a baby in it I suppose it fits in future endeavors. Use a charger plate - I love the size perspective

please tell me this child is up for adoption

Newborn baby photos. I love this pose to capture all the sweet tiny features!

this happens at my house pretty often- he won't really nap with me, but if he's with Daddy "in the big boy bed" it's all zzzzzzzzzzzzs

@Jess Pearl Pearl Liu Ramagli Can we do this in the spring? I'm thinking a family photo shoot is needed!

black and white picture with baby & dad. Are you kidding me with the cuteness

Many newborn photos are photoshopped, just like this one. Don't ever do something to put a baby in danger. Photoshop is much easier and safer. ;)

I usually try to avoid getting too caught up with baby photos in hopes to steer clear of baby fever...but I couldn't help it with this just makes smile so big on the inside and out!