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Some maps that give a proportionate view of how the size of America really stacks up against other continents.

Sahel Africa seems like the area depicted into the Lion King, and is very grassy.

Africa | Youssouf, Mosque of Koro Segou. Mali | ©Marsoyann, via flickr

Dogon. A mysterious, ancient people and culture, the Dogons were the first to have knowledge of the universe as we know it today. They knew the 9 planets and the elements they were made of centuries before any telescopes were invented. Their Calendar is different from other cultures, too, and has similarities to the Mayan culture of South America.

Africa | Sights and Sounds. Djenne Photo credit: Ferdinand Reus

HISTORICAL/ BIOGRAPHICAL: Holden runs away from home feeling depressed and traped as he has no one to express the emotons he has deep inside him. The death of his brother brings strong emotions to Holden in where he can not cntrol himself and decides to run away to forget about everything thta is on his mind.

Mali - Africa - Mali’s earthen buildings are renowned worldwide for their aesthetic beauty and diversity - architecture that brings with it major preservation challenges.

When people ask where we are from we point to our hand. They usually give us an odd look before realizing we're from MI.