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Me and friend commenting on awesome big truck parked next to the window..then realize the smiling guy over there is the driver..

Big truck! Oh yes!!!!!! I'm driving this one Larry!!!!

If I have to be a OTR Driver this is my truck. WOW.. I love big trucks but, this one is WOW

Been there done that....she was all of five foot....felt good!!! But then came the $250 ticket:'(

Another epic fail at species trying to combine.

now that would suck if u where driving a lifted truck say with 49 inch tires and that big truck was in front of u course u could go around him or her who's ever driving it but ur taking a big risk of it crushing u cause they see u passing them and they can't fell it cause to them its bump in the road lol

VERY BIG TRUCK----> Want more? Follow me at