Frankoma Pottery, mold No. 36M "Serva-Tray" with magazine rack. 1955 Ceramic Award Winner - Hess Bros. National Contest for Versatility in Design and Use. Desert Gold glaze, manufactured between 1955 and 1964 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Frankoma #300 Candleholders in Prairie Green glazing, ca. 1942.

Frankoma Mayan Aztec Bottle Made from 1963-1975 Sapulpa Clay. Unique Frankoma pottery - No. 7JH...Shown in Prairie Green glaze. Love it!

Fireplace in the Bruce Goff designed Sapulpa home of Frankoma pottery founders John and Grace Lee Frank

Owl Wind Bell (#W5) by Frankoma in Desert Gold, ca. 1980s.

Frankoma Rearing Clydesdale (#107) in Desert Gold glaze.

Frankoma's free-form round bowl (#233), ca. 1955-63.


Frankoma Pottery of Oklahoma, Vase #43, Desert Gold

Frankoma vase

frankoma casserole

Frankoma factory-produced lamp, based on the Desert Cactus Vase (#4); Desert Gold glaze over Ada clay, ca. 1949-54. (JKT)

Frankoma Desert Gold 4W with Lid Frankoma Pottery 3 by Comforte


The West German Pottery collection and home of.... June DotBe

Love Frankoma Pottery

LOVE Frankoma pottery!

Vintage Thunderbird Canteen by Frankoma; this is a turquoise glaze over Ada clay, ca. 1951-54.

Frankoma Pottery candle

want! frankoma pottery