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Good bye sayings

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How to say goodbye ; ))

Wise !!


What my mother taught me. Should also include: Never let anyone know that you know how to clean fish!

Because I love you.

Big Sister saying

I dream impossible dreams. I believe in fairy tales. I know love and goodness will always win. I have battled dragons and pirates and evil queens. I will never be afraid to reach for the sky!


Yes, please.

need to make

Dear Parents.........

for my classroom

i don't have kids yet, more like cleaning house while my husband is home is like shoveling while it's still snowing.....just doesn't get you anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not really inspirational, but it's how many of us '90's kids feel.

100 Ways to Praise

So true!! Good life lesson! Study your Bible and know what God says is right...and wrong.