• Taryn Hansen

    Better than goodbye- bye bye butterfly, for my Livy

  • Mandi Koedam

    Post this near the door to teach the kids new ways to say goodbye? Maybe a new one each week/month - a list might be overwhelming. Higher functioning kids could help generate the list.

  • Kim Kimmel

    Last pinner said: "How to say goodbye to a kid" .... How I would say good bye to ANYONE :)

  • susan kennedy

    Better than goodbye: We're going to use this poem for our launch at the end of the day. Everyone knows the first two lines, but I don't think they'll know the rest of it. Each day we'll add a couple lines until we know the whole thing. It's not inspirational, but it sure is fun. We could vary it as they leave, with me saying a line, and the kids responding with the next one. Later we might try writing new lines. I debated if 4th graders would think this is babyish, but it's funny enough that I don't think the would at the beginning of the year.

  • Ren

    Cute, but shouldn't it be "Ciao, Ciao..." not "Chow, Chow...". Goodbye in Italian. Each time I see this is makes me all kinds of gah!

  • Lindsey White

    Give a hug lady bug! Take care polar bear! Out the door dinosaur! Goodbye said the fly! Use these everyday when each of my classes are done!

  • Grace Rorwick

    See you later, alligator! Need to memorize this! I love saying silly things to kids to say goodbye!

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